Remembering Return to Oz - Director's Cut

Go behind the scenes on the making of Walt Disney's 1985 film " Return to Oz". This is a brand new documentary with new interviews from the cast and crew including Walter Murch, Fairuza Balk, Sophie Ward, Gary Kurtz, and many more!

The "Director's Cut" is quite different from the Festival Version. It is much longer with 137 minutes of content. It dives into the filming process of this 80s fantasy and delivers the best story the film's director A Schultz wanted to tell.

  • Remembering Return to Oz - Director's Cut

    2h 20m

    "Remembering Return to Oz" is a documentary look back on memories featuring the cast/crew of Disney's 1985 film, "Return to Oz". This film is the first time that the main cast/crew have been together in a feature talking about the 1985 film in over 30 years.

    This Director's Cut is a little rough...

  • EXTRA FEATURE Fiona Victory as Princess Mombi

    2m 35s

    Sadly, there was technical difficulties with her recording. So we decided to include it's entirety here.

  • EXTRA FEATURE Justin Case as Scarecrow

    3m 20s

    We were unable to use his section in the film, but have included the Scarecrow clip here as an extra feature.

  • EXTRA FEATURE John Alexander as Cowardly Lion

    3m 7s

    We were unable to use all of John's clips in the film. But as an extra feature we John talks about his time as the Cowardly Lion.

  • EXTRA FEATURE Deep Roy as Tin Woodman


    Short clip of Deep Roy as he remembers playing the Tin Woodman

  • ETXRA FEATURE Kansas Scenes

    5m 40s

    We did not add this section to the film, but felt the interview on Kansas was a great one. So we have included it here.


    1m 39s

    The army of Oz were fascinating characters in the screenplay, but they had never made it to film. Here Walter Murch touches on these could have been characters.

  • EXTRA FEATURE Stories from Production

    6m 31s

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    + 1 extra

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